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Youth Day Celebration and Nation-Building in Cameroon

Youth Day is a public holiday in Cameroon.

Youth Day: Feb 11

Youth Day is a public holiday in Cameroon.

Cameroon celebrates National Youth Day every year on the 11th of February. During this day, various youth groups come together to organize workshops, parades, and other programs which points out to important issues for the youth.

Representatives from various youth associations from each industry such as sports, social media, technology, business, and the academe from various educational institutions encourage the youth to engage themselves in fruitful activities which support fellow youth in their fight to defending and promoting social justice, avoiding violence, and building a community that is safe for each of them.

History of Cameroon’s Youth Day

Cameroon establishes the National Youth Day in 1966 to mobilize the society by engaging the youth in important decision-making strategies and political advocacy and movement. However, it is marred by various political issues including the removal of highly controversial Plebiscite Day to Youth Day under the leadership of Ahmadou Babatoura Ahidjo, the first president of Cameroon (1960-1982) which charged the latter’s government in marginalizing the Anglophone Cameroonian group in the country.

The establishment of Youth Day in the country is brought about by the recommendation provided by the Commissionership for Youth and Popular Education in Yaoundé after its observance to the 1965 Youth Day celebration in Buea, Cameroon’s Southwest Province.

Cameroon’s Youth Day: Traditions, Customs and Activities

National Youth Day in Cameroon is marked with festivities and public band exhibitions. Government-sponsored congress and conferences may take place at the Ministry of Youth Affairs in Yaounde. Representatives from various youth associations, National Youth Council and private individuals join together yearly to discuss important legal and moral issues concerning the youth of Cameroon.

Various activities may be held which includes and not limited to tree-planting activities, cultural immersion and other types of community service. Youth also organize public talks discussing important issues such as climate change, and evaluation of current youth rights violation in the country.

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