International Recipes

Chinese Food

Chinese food has become very popular in areas outside of China. The US contains many restaurants that offer an Americanized version of Chinese food. Ironically, China has the second largest fast food market outside of the US! Chinese food is traditionally eaten with chopsticks instead of forks or knives.

Chinese Recipe

If you look at a Chinese recipe, you will usually see garlic and ginger listed. These two spices are the most popular ingredients in Chinese cooking and are in almost every Chinese recipe. Chinese cooks believe it is very important to maintain a balance of ingredients in each dish.

Indian Food

Indian food is usually characterized by its abundant use of herbs and spices and it can often be very spicy. Curry and Garam marsala, an important spice made from 5 or more other blended spices, are often used in Indian dishes. Indian food often consists of vegetarian dishes as traditional Hindus and Sikhs do not eat any meat.

Indian Recipe

An Indian recipe will usually vary depending on the particular region of the country. However, you will often find rice, whole wheat flour, chicken and dairy products in an Indian recipe. Indian dishes are often very aromatic as well as colorful because of the wide variety of spices used.

Thai Food

Thai food is a unique blend of both Asian and European influences. Curries are often used, but they are not as strong as the ones used in Indian cooking. Traditional Thai dishes are always served with steamed rice and a meal usually contains a soup and a curry dish.

Thai Recipe

If you are planning to cook a Thai recipe, you will often find rice, fish and herbs as some of the main ingredients. Thai food presents a good harmony of both taste and texture and often successfully blends sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors.

Italian Food

Most people are familiar with Italian food. Italy is famous for its endless variety of pastas and sauces as well as its traditional thin-crust pizza. Italian desserts such as gelato and tiramisu are also very popular worldwide.

Italian Recipe

A traditional Italian recipe will always call for fresh ingredients. Tomatoes, herbs and cheese are main ingredients in most Italian cooking. Olive oil is usually used and many traditional dishes use fish instead of meat.

French Food

French food is often regarded as one of the world's most refined styles of cooking. The 22 regions of France contain many famous cooking schools were people outside the country can learn the fine art of French cooking. French food often contains elegantly prepared dishes, various breads and an amazing assortment of fresh pastries for dessert.

French Recipe

Many people consider a French recipe to be difficult to prepare. This is often the case, but many less complicated versions of these recipes can often be found. French cooking is often very rich and many French recipes contain cream-based sauces.

Japanese Food

Japanese food is very popular worldwide. Sushi or raw fish is eaten in many countries outside of Japan and meals are eaten with chopsticks. A traditional Japanese meal is served at a very low table and Japanese restaurants usually display very realistic looking plastic food in their window to show people what they serve.

Japanese Recipe

A Japanese recipe will almost always include rice as well as fresh, seasonal ingredients and fish. Presentation is also an integral part of Japanese dishes and many recipes are elaborately prepared with careful attention to detail and visual appeal.

Russian Food

Russian food is healthy and usually very easy to prepare. Soups such as borscht, a red beet soup, are traditionally served as the first course. Breads and pastries are also very important at Russian meals.