Airline Distances between Cities

Distances matter so much! If you have been in love and your loved one is miles and miles away from you, you might even want to break that distance between you. More so, if this person is far away across the other side of the globe. You just got this strong curiosity of knowing the far is the distance between you. If it would be possible to reach and get that distance out between the two of you.

And if you might have been traveling across the world, these airline distances between cities are much as important. You might be conscious of the distances between US cities, distances between European cities, distances between Canadian cities and as well as air travel distance in mile.

Air Distances

If you are traveling by land and sea, it is easy to compute the distance between where you came from up to your destination. But air distance is much different. In getting to know the air distance from one place to the other side of the globe, you need to take into consideration that the earth is not a perfect sphere but rather a flattened or oblate spheroid. So to be able to compute the distance from a certain city on the world to another city, you need to pass through the longitude and latitude of these points or areas.

Usually, these distances are measured in miles, kilometers or nautical miles. Also, it is very important in navigation to find the great circle distance or the shortest distance between two points in a spheroid like the Earth. Usually, these are the best way or route in navigation so as to save time and fuel usage.

Distances between World Cities

Trigonometry has been useful with calculating the air distances between world cities. First, you need to know the longitude and latitude where these cities lie. Then you need to use a formula to arrive with distance.

But in today's world, everything seems to come easy. Just a click of a mouse, and you are on your way on having anything and everything on your fingertips. Just like computing the distances of any area in the world to another. Some sites will allow you to enter the cities or places that you want before it can compute the distance. While others, will require you to provide the zip codes of these two areas to calculate the air distance. No sweat at all, it is that easy.

Air Distance in Mile

If you are counting on the miles that you need to get upgrades on an airline ticket, then you need to watch out the air distance in mile. And if you were a traveler, this would have a great impact in knowing your mileage to your frequent flyer or frequent traveler clubs.

Distances between US Cities

Traveling the United States alone can be vast. So it is crucial to pay attention to the distances between the cities in the United States.

Having the point of origin as Los Angeles, here are some distances going to the other US cities.
  • Atlanta - 1,944 miles
  • Baltimore - 2,327 miles
  • Boston - 2,606 miles
  • Chicago - 1,749 miles
  • Cincinnati - 1,905 miles
  • Cleveland - 2,057 miles
  • Dallas - 1,251 miles
  • Denver - 844 miles
  • Detroit - 1,987 miles
  • Honolulu - 2,551 miles
  • Houston - 1,382 miles
  • Indianapolis - 1,818 miles
  • Miami - 2,348 miles
Of course, you can never break distances between any point in the world. But definitely, knowing these distances makes you aware that there is wonder in connecting and going beyond these distances.