International Country Distances

Given the size of many countries such as Canada, the United States and China, the distances between certain cities can be great. On the other hand, distances between cities in small countries such as Monaco, Tuvalu and Liechtenstein are very small. Vatican City in Rome is actually the world's smallest country with a land mass of only 0.17 square miles!

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Between City Distance

When you are traveling, you often need to know the between city distance of a particular area. This information is found on most maps; just consult the table of contents to see the relevant section. The distance may be displayed in kilometers or approximate number of driving hours.

City distances can also be determined by searching the internet. If you enter the words "city distances" plus the name of the country, province or state and you will find websites containing this information. Some sites will contain charts that show you all the distances between major cities of particular country. Other sites will prompt you to choose a specific starting city and destination city and the computer will automatically calculate the exact distance between the two areas.

International Distance

International distance refers to how far one specific country is from another country. This information is usually displayed in kilometers or miles. You can find printed or online charts that will show you the international distance between two countries. This information will help you plan your driving or flying time when you are traveling.

Another way to easily calculate the international distance between countries is to search the internet. Many websites have charts that you can look up. Others such as will even provide a dropdown list of countries. You choose a starting city and a destination city and the actual distance in miles and kilometers will be displayed instantly.

The country distance or number of kilometers or miles between different countries can be found on most maps, many travel brochures and guides and internet websites.

To determine the between country distance of any area, consult the internet or purchase a map for that area of the world. You can also check with your local travel agents or associations such as the American Automobile Association. They will usually carry brochures, maps or charts with this specific information.

Global Distances

The number of kilometers or miles between different countries worldwide is often referred to as global distances. This information can be found online or in many printed references such as the International Planners produced by A Global World. You may be surprised at how far you will have to travel to reach countries on the other side of the globe!

Air Travel Distances

Air travel distances can be found in many travel documents and travel websites including airlines and courier companies. Other documents such as the International Planners produced by A Global World also include charts showing the world air distances between many major cities worldwide.