World Flags

All of us have seen world flags, and we can surely recognize at least five. We all know what flags are - they are a piece of women cloth that is often flown from a mast and is generally symbolic in nature. World flags are perhaps the most common of all flags. Today, all countries all over the world each have their own flag. The flags of the world are all unique. Each has its own distinct ways of representing their countries in various aspects. The national flag design usually bears a certain interpretation that is very significant to the country it symbolizes. In general, world flags represent the countries of the world - the number of national flags in existence today is equivalent to the number of nations and countries there are.

Flag History

How did flags come to be? Flag-like symbols have been in existence since the ancient times. It is not clear though where the world flags that we know today originated. Some say they originated in China, others believe that the first true flag was the vexillum of the Roman Empire, while some insist that there have been citations flags in the Mahabharata. While there is no unified origin, the modern-day flag surely had started sometime in the 18th century. Flags have then been used as signals and symbols for battle, military, and maritime purposes, among a few others. Even today, flags are continually used for a wide variety of purposes.

World's Most Popular Flags

It is true that some flags are more popular than others. Who would not know the American flag, also known as The Stars and Stripes? Another popular world flag is that of Japan in white with the red rising sun in the middle? France's tricolor, China's red with five yellow stars, and Germany's black, red and gold bands are among the most popular flags as well. Some national flags have even been inspirational design-wise to other countries, nations and sub-national entities.

Learning about World Flags

The popularity of the Internet has given way to many accessible resources on world flags. Countless of websites containing flags pictures can be found in the World Wide Web. This makes access to information about the flags of the world very easy nowadays, especially for grade schoolers who probably constitute the majority of those are required to learn about world flags. Learning about world flags are still a mainstay in primary education mainly because this is one of the most effective ways for kids to learn about the existence of different countries all around the world.

Many countries have enforced some changes on their national flags through the years. Some sub-nations also get formed every now and then that old world flag databases found on encyclopedias may be outdated. Flag resources online will be able to provide you with a more up-to-date information and the most recent images of world flags. Not only that, there are a number of world flag icons, flags of the world coloring pages and templates are downloadable for educational purposes. These world flag resources are most certainly helpful for kids, mothers as well as teachers who need to learn and teach about these different but all equally interesting flags. Besides, there is no better strategy to learn about the flags of the world and of the different nations than an interactive and a fun visual way like this.