Color USA - World Maps

World Map

A world map will show you a visual representation of all the countries in the world. It may also show you more specific details such as cities and capitals, tourist attractions, geographical data, and even street names. A global map will contain all the continents and countries in the world. All of the land masses and bodies of water will be identified. Global maps are available online and in printed form. They are often included in other printed documents such as the International Planner developed by A Global World.

World Political Map

Most world maps are either political or physical. Political maps will show you the governmental or territorial boundaries of each country, state or county. Some will also show you larger cities and bodies of water. You can find a world political map online or at your local bookstore, travel agent or library. Most maps are printed or shown in color to help you more easily identify the different countries, land masses and bodies of water. A bright color map can be very helpful when you need to locate a specific location in the world.

International Map

An international map will show you information on every part of the world. If you are looking for an international map, you should consult your local library, bookstore or travel agent. They have many different kinds of maps available to suit your particular needs. Many computer programs will also contain a clickable, interactive international map.

World Atlas Map

An atlas is a collection of maps in book or printed form. However, many people use the word in place of the word "map". You can find a world atlas map at your local library, bookstore, travel agent or online.

An online world map can be found on many different websites. Just enter the words "online world map" into an internet search engine and you will receive a long list of sites containing world maps. Many recent online maps are interactive; they will allow you to zoom in to a particular country, city or continent to obtain even more detailed information about that area of the world.

If you are looking for a download map, you can find and print one from many internet websites. You can save the information to your hard drive for later review or print the document to take with you. Sites such as Google Map will even allow you to enter a specific origin and destination and receive a downloadable map containing detailed directions for that specific address.

Free World Map

You also obtain a free world map by visiting your local travel agency or an organization such as the American Automobile Association. They maintain a large stock of free maps for all areas of the world.

US Map

A US map will show you all the states and territories with the USA. You can conduct an internet search by entering the words "US map" in one of the many available search engines.

US Road Map

A US road map will show you the main highways and streets throughout the United States. Some interactive online maps will even allow you to zoom in on a particular street or area to receive a close-up view. Another alterative is to enter a specific American address and receive a detailed US road map showing you which streets to take to arrive at your desired location in the least amount of time. Most large department stores will carry a United States road map and many North American travel stores or organizations will also carry this document. If you are in the middle of a trip and need an United States road map, you can also try stopping at one of the gas stations within the US.

Europe Map

Although Europe is the second smallest continent, it contains more than 45 countries! A Europe map will show you all of the countries and borders within that particular continent. Many European countries have changed their names or borders so it is best to consult a recent map to receive current information.

The European Union was formed in 1992 and contains 27 independent European states. Its main goal is to promote economic, social and political cooperation among all countries in Europe. You can obtain an EU map in printed form or online. An internet search will provide you with current EU maps that contain the most up-to-date information as the EU continues to expand and include more countries.