Screensaver Calendar

Everyone seems to love screensavers. They display images on a computer monitor after it is inactive for a specified period of time. Although they add visual appeal to your computer, they were created to serve an important function. They were originally designed to prevented static images from being burned into older CRT screens. With the new technology used in current monitors, many screensavers are used for entertainment purposes. Screensavers can contain photos of every kind imaginable, but they can also contain calendars. A calendar screensaver may show you a series of images that continuously rotate. The program can also display an actual calendar that will help you keep track of important dates and events.

Desktop Screensaver Calendar

Desktop refers to the part of the screen that contains all the icons, shortcuts to your programs and toolbars. It may also contain an image or photo called "wallpaper" that forms the background. Your desktop is the first thing you see when your computer has finished booting up. That's why many people choose a favorite photo or graphic as their wallpaper. They often choose a desktop calendar screensaver as well. This way they can view beautiful images whenever their computer is inactive. Some screensavers will contain static photos, whereas others may include audio, text and animations.

Many websites will provide a free screensaver calendar in a many different styles. They can contain images or photos of every kind imaginable from soothing nature scenes and cute animals to exciting sports cars or beautiful models. Some software programs will even show you how to use your own digital or scanned photos to make a free customized screensaver calendar. You choose the specific photos and the program will turn them into your own screensaver. Lots of sites contain free holiday-related screensavers. Some will display a countdown containing a different image every day until Christmas finally arrives!

If you are looking for a free calendar screensaver to download, you should search the internet for the words "free screensaver". You will receive a list of hundreds or thousands of sites that contain screensavers available at no charge. Most screensavers are quite small in size.

You can enter the word "screensaver" into an internet search engine to find many relevant sites. However, there are many other ways to locate a current calendar screensaver. Many companies will offer a screensaver as a method of advertising. Some artists will also provide a free screensaver so they can share some of their creative drawings or photos with people all over the world. Some screensavers are only available for a fee. You can pay via the internet and then download the screensaver directly to your computer. Another option is to purchase a program containing a screensaver that can be installed from the CD or DVD. Many paid programs contain an opportunity to customize the screensaver completely including audio, image and speed controls.

Calendar Screensaver

A calendar screensaver can be obtained from many different internet websites. The sites will offer you screensavers that either contain calendars for the current year or are newly designed screensavers for 2007. You may be surprised at how detailed some of the new screensavers can be. Many contain images and animations that are very realistic. For example, one contains a very lifelike 3D shark swimming all around the ocean. The screensaver comes complete with all the relevant background sounds you would expect to hear beneath the water. Others will contain very photorealistic 3D images of places around the world, making you feel like you are actually there!

A calendar free screensaver is available to suit everyone's personal preference. General internet searches will show you sites that may contain thousands of different screensavers separated into various categories. If you want to narrow down your search, you can enter specific terms such as "free screensaver + cats". This search will show you sites that contain free screensavers relating to cats. Try conducting searches on your favorite artists, animals, sports, holidays or places. You'll be surprised how many different screensavers you will be able to download for free!