Alphabetical Listing of Countries

List Of Countries

If you are looking for a list of countries around the world, try searching the internet - but this will take a lot of time. Search engines will help you locate websites containing specific information - some of it correct and some of it wrong. Larger companies such as Yahoo and Google offer advanced search preferences. Entering specific terms will produce a tailored list of websites according to your exact preferences. Companies such as A Global World produce international planners that contain a comprehensive list of countries at the beginning of each document. Buying an International Planner from will give a complete list of countries with all their holidays.

Countries List

When searching the internet, you can specify how you would like the country list to be sorted by entering different search terms. For example, entering the words "alphabetical country list" will produce many sites containing an alphabetized country list. Try this out for yourself - you may be surprised to learn how many countries actually exist - but be prepared for the time that it will take!

Try entering the term "countries list" into a search engine and you will find a surprisingly long list of websites containing this information. If you would like a countries list for a particular part of the world, include additional search words to narrow your results. For example, entering the words "countries list + Asia" will taper results to this particular part of the world.

Remember to be creative when you are looking for a countries listing. This information can be found in various reference documents such as atlases, maps, international planners, encyclopedias, and even dictionaries.

Country Name

If you enter a specific country name into an internet search engine, you will receive detailed information on that particular area. You can discover almost any facts quickly and easily. In fact, the internet is like having a current atlas in your own home. You can learn about remote regions of the planet without leaving your own backyard.

Countries Information

Particular country information can be obtained via the internet as well as your local library or bookstore. You can learn about any country in the world via internet search engines, library material or reference books. The internet has the advantage of offering more current information than traditional books.

Countries information is also available in documents such as the international planners produced by A Global World. The front of these documents includes not only a list of countries around the world, but also the international holidays they celebrate.

Countries often change their names due to political reasons or when they split or merge with another. As a result, traditional atlases and globes may not contain the current name of countries in the world. The good news is that you can find up-to-date information by conducting internet searches. When you are looking at individual sites, you can verify when they were last updated.

Country Domain Name

A domain is a name that identifies computers on the internet and forms part of the address of each particular website. Each country domain name is unique to that particular part of the world. Therefore, you can often determine a site's country of origin just by looking at its web address! For example, the domain name for the United States is ".us", whereas the country domain name for Canada is ".ca". Although these names are easy to identify, certain ones aren't such as ".ch" for Switzerland and ".za" for South Africa.

A Global World International Planner includes not only national holidays but, it also includes major religions worldwide.